WIFNG Knowledge Series

The Women In Finance Nigeria, held it's first Edition of the Knowledge Series -Themed Private Equity and Venture Capital. The event was held virtually with over 300 registered participants. Please subscribe to stay updated on our programs

Affiliate Marketing for SaaS - Building & Scaling your Partner Program

Join Travis from Semrush & Jessica from Tapfiliate in an exclusive conversation on a wide-ranging, practical—and accessible—plan for how to build sustainable affiliate programs for SaaS. This video is for you if you are wondering: - Where to find the right kind of affiliates? - How to create the referral program that really works? - How to attract the right kind of traffic? - How to target various geographies? - How to build a sustainable partner program that mints cash? Meet the speakers: Travis Jacobson: Travis is the head of affiliate marketing at Semrush and has over 13 years of experience as an affiliate program manager and affiliate marketing consultant. An alumnus of the University of Utah, Travis has scaled partner programs at Automattic & Thermoworks in the past. His experience in both the e-commerce and lead generation verticals of affiliate marketing has allowed him to manage a wide range of affiliate programs over the years. Jessica Rangel: Jessica is the marketing manager at Tapfiliate, one of the leading affiliate tracking software. Her professional interests are centred around writing, creating, and designing content. She spends most of her time writing conte

[The Event Summit] Crafting Perfect Content for Your Event

Discover how to design content for your events and get answers to some of the most challenging questions related to conducting events by William Thomson of Virtual Event Campus. Meet the speaker: William is the founder of Virtual Event Campus & Gallus Events. He has organised over 700 events in the UK and abroad. After setting up an exhibition department for a commercial conferences company in 2003, William successfully re-engineered the events departments at two of the UK’s largest financial services trade associations and Europe’s largest professional membership organisation. About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With the accelerated shift to all things digital, we aim to seed conversations with Thought Leaders, Industry professionals, and Tech Geniuses to share actionable insights, upcoming trends, and the application of emerging technologies. Visit https://www.airmeet.com/hub/events/ for similar events like this #dialoguesbytheremotevalley​ #marketing

The Event Summit: Using Virtual Events to Drive More Business [Keynote]

Lindsay Selvitelle, Director of Events at Y Combinator presents the case for building ROI Driven events for businesses in 2021. She addresses its impacts on business and how to deliver the right kind of content through events. Meet the speakers: Lindsay Selvitelle is the Director of Events at YC — primarily focusing on running Demo Day, the iconic three-day event where YC startups present to select investors. Prior to YC, she led the Marketing Events team at Mixpanel for 4.5 years. Before Mixpanel, she planned events for eight years in different industries including tech, hospitality, and wedding planning. About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With the accelerated shift to all things digital, we aim to seed conversations with Thought Leaders, Industry professionals, and Tech Geniuses to share actionable insights, upcoming trends, and the application of emerging technologies. Visit https://www.airmeet.com/hub/events/ for similar events like this #dialoguesbytheremo

[The Event Summit] Roundtable Discussion Event Planning Fundamentals

Lorne Armstrong from The Event Academy & Megan Piedal from VentureBeat helps us chart out the event plan for 2021 with intelligent tips & tricks. Here's what can you expect to learn from this video: 1. The fundamentals of event planning 2. Converting sign-ups to attendees 3. Proven techniques to engage attendees with delightful experiences Meet the speakers: Megan Piedal: Megan is an experienced marketing and events professional, having led large scale conferences, executive marketing programs, and now digital event experiences. Megan and the VentureBeat team are fresh off running their first-ever digital GamesBeat Summit, which featured over 120 speakers across 2 stages, 50 sessions, plus online networking and breakouts for gaming leaders. Lorne Armstrong: Lorne is the founding partner at The Event Academy which provides experiential training in event management for marketing and communications professionals. About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With

[The Event Summit] Hosting Virtual Events as a Part of Your Primary Marketing Strategy

Lizzie from Hey Summit & Katie from Sales Hacker discuss how virtual events are an integral part of your marketing strategy and how it can help you reach wider audiences in no time. Watch this video to learn 👇 1. Planning & executing a perfect event 2. Driving the right kind of audiences 3. Influencing brand advocates through virtual events Meet the speakers: Lizzie Brough: As Lizzie says When I was 8, I wanted to be the first woman on Mars - in truth, I kinda still do! From that early age, I loved being part of something with a purpose - a sports team, a brass band, a march. One of 8 kids, nothing makes me happier than bringing people together in an environment where we can learn from each other. That's led me through community management, sports development, being a tech start-up founder, to becoming a coach and facilitator Katie Ray: Katie is a Community Events & Engagement Manager at Saleshacker where she takes care of 10,000 member insider community of Saleshacker. She is Responsible for the Growth of Community, New Member Onboarding Program-built and facilitated training, Community, Leader Program- manage a team of 12 CL's, Community Live Events-plan and facili

Replay: How to Transform Your Services into an Online Business | Fiverr

People buy from people they know, like and trust. In this webinar you’ll learn how to attract your ideal customers and sell your expert services online. What to expect from this webinar: - Creative ways to adapt your skills and service to the online world - Identifying your ideal customer - Building awareness of your online services - Positioning yourself as an expert in your industry - Converting an online audience by getting them to know, like and trust you Hosted by SAM LALIBERTE Sam Laliberte is the Founder and Host of the Freedom Lifestyle - an online community and podcast series that empowers the movement towards flexible work. She interviews remote workers, digital nomads and self-employed people who’ve pursued a lifestyle that allows them to work from anywhere. As part of this journey, Sam has immersed herself in this movement and explored a number of unique revenue streams for herself: teaching online courses, tapping into the gig economy, working as a remote freelancer and launching an e-commerce store. Sam does this all from her laptop and spent the last two years traveling and working from all over the world. Sam believes that the future of work is flexible and w

SADC Innovation and Investment Challenge | MASTERCLASS

Featuring IYINOLUWA ABOYEJI Founder Future Africa Fund (Co-Founder Andela &Flutterwave) How to turn local ideas into global business opportunities. Thursday, February 11 2021 | 6:00pm-7:30pm CAT Other time zones: 4:00pm-5:30pm GMT 5:00pm-6:30pm WAT 6:00pm-7:30pm SAST 7:00pm-8:30pm EAT LIVE via YouTube and Facebook SADC INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT PROGRAM is proudly sponsored by FMT and curated by HYBR

Webinar on Crowdfunding and Financial Inclusion in West Africa - Youth Finance Portfolio

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platforms offer alternative financing options for young entrepreneurs to access capital. With the support of the European Union, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is partnering with a consortium of partners to develop and manage crowdfunding platforms in The Gambia and Ghana. Join our webinar to learn more about these projects and to discuss how UNCDF is leveraging crowdfunding platforms in West Africa to offer innovative financing solutions for young entrepreneurs. More about the JSF programme in The Gambia - https://www.uncdf.org/jobs-skills-finance More about the GrEEN programme in Ghana - https://www.uncdf.org/green © UN Capital Development Fund 2020. All rights reserved. United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) image, audio and video files may be used to further the aims and work of the organization. They cannot be used for advertising, marketing or in ways which are inconsistent with the organization's mission. The audiovisual files cannot be altered, sold or redistributed. Any use of this footage must be authorized by UNCDF and a license agreement must be signed between UNCDF and the requesting entity. Dep

IOSH Webinar: Covid-19: Coronavirus – returning safely after lockdown and employers’ obligations

In many parts of the world that have been in ‘lockdown’, organisations are now planning for or managing the implementation of staff returning to workplaces. Employers have obligations to comply with health and safety standards set by governments and regulators worldwide, and they must understand and discharge their duties of care to employees and others against the backdrop of the current pandemic. This webinar will address the common themes in returning to work, along with an overview of some key health and safety obligations, how this impacts on returning to work, the role of competent health and safety assistance, what extra adjustments may be needed and other important considerations. IOSH are joined by key representatives from L’Oreal, Enhesa, The Law Society and Osborne Clarke International Legal Practice to explore the changing legal landscape surrounding returning to the workplace, obligations, considerations and the responsibilities of employers. To view further webinars in this series, please visit the IOSH website here: https://iosh.com/resources-and-research/our-resources/communicable-diseases/coronavirus/webinars/

Local SEO: Which Google My Business Tactics and Tools Drive Customers?

More Local SEO? Check http://bit.ly/5HoursLocalSEO 0:00 Local SEO, GMB tactics and tools 5:18 High intent activity, where they are coming from 7:34 NAP confusion 8:43 Does Google or an Active Facebook deliver more conversions? 12:30 GMB websites Strenght and Weakness 14:04 Google vs Facebook posts 15:33 Building (restaurant) Menu 16:40 Include Town in the description 18:40 Review: Text Back 21:15 Links 22:30 NAP cleanup & Citation Building 24:05 Final Answers 25:16 Key Takeaways 26:32 Google-only as Business Model 39:27 How does a local shop compete with a big chain 40:48 Reviews (tips) 44:38 Do I need a website? 50:40 Google “creates” local business 51:49 How important TripAdviser, Booking Etc? We have a dream team for this webinar. Mike Blumenthal, Joy Hawkins, and Greg Sterling are three of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in Local SEO. Mike will kick off the webinar by sharing his study of a Google-Only local marketing strategy that boosted search visibility, brought more customers, and increased revenue for a new local business. He looks at which local tactics and tools really worked. And sets out to answer the following questions: 1. Does Google or an ac

Webinar Blockchain pilot in Nigeria

This is the recording of a webinar about the Blockchain solution piloted by i solutions and its tech partner Unchain in Nigeria. The webinar was held in October 2020.

Full ADCOTT 2020 webinar (Africa Digitization Conference On Tourism & Trade)

AU, French Embassy, GHATOF, ITC, MOTAC, World Tourism Forum Institute grace Africa Digitization Conference On Tourism & Trade. On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Africa Digitization Conference On Tourism & Trade, organized by the Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana (CTI Ghana) in partnership with the Africa Open Data of Internet and Research Foundation (AODIRF), united 15 speakers from Ghana, Africa, Europe and North America and up to 233 lucky early registrants on online platform Google Meet. More details: https://adcott.org/2020/08/24/au-french-embassy-ghatof-itc-motac-wtfi-to-grace-africa-digitization-conference-on-tourism-trade/

Africa Fashion Week Online: Fashion Futures Webinar Series: The Art of the Image

Join our panel of experts: Nigerian artist and fashion photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi; London-based visual artist, Asiko and designer, art director and lecturer, Samson Soboye. They have worked together on fashion shoots and are uniquely placed to give us a masterclass on what it takes to bring an idea of a fashion editorial to life.

Africans & Technology: Using Tech in Africa as a means to develop grassroots solutions.

On the 31st of October 2020, Doing Good Work in Africa (DOWA) hosted the third webinar of its ongoing webinar series. Representatives from 3 technology energy organizations across Africa shared their careers and experiences, sparking a lively and informative discussion with students from Ivy League, Innovative Universities and HBSC in the United States, professionals & entrepreneurs interested in good, scalable and impactful grassroots work in Africa. Featuring esteemed guests: Moderator by Nekesa J. Were; Director of Strategy, https://www.AfriLabs.com Our panelists- David Tusubira; CTO & Co-founder Innovex UG https://www.innovex.org Becky Tsadik; Director of Marketing, Gebeya Inc. https://www.gebeya.com Jinmi Oluanuiga; Connectivity Program Manager, Facebook https://www.facebook.com Q&A Adaeze Okorie of Cornell University and Scholars in Our Society and Africa (SOSA) will be facilitating the Q&A session. We would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below! Next webinar (November 21st, 2020) - The Role of the Diaspora Youth in Shaping Africa's Future - Economy, Investment, Diplomacy and Culture. Register: https://www.dowafrica.org/events For more information on D

Webinar: Navigating Africa’s Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector

On Wednesday, 11 November we hosted a webinar on Africa’s pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector. Our panel of experts provided an overview of the regulation of this sector , focussing on unique issues and legal trends in key jurisdictions. The session was facilitated by Julie Oppenheim, head of our Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Sector. The panel included: Bwalya Chilufya-Musonda, partner, Bowmans, Zambia; Daniel Mwathe, senior associate, Bowmans, Kenya; Micael Sehul, senior lawyer, Aman Assefa & Associates Law Office, Ethiopia; and Ozofu Ogiemudia, partner, Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie, Nigeria.

Webinar Women in STEM in Africa and the COVID 19 Pandemic, 29 September 2020

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, in partnership with the African Union Commission, is organizing a series of webinars highlighting the contributions African women in Science, Technology, Engineering e Mathematics (STEM) have made to the response to the current COVID-19 crisis. On 29 September 2020, aiming to contribute to the body of knowledge on the response to the pandemic in Africa, the first session of the series brought together a group of African female medical practitioners, ICT practitioners, scientists, and other African women involved in indigenous COVID-19 knowledge production and dissemination. The discussion focused on: - The roles that women in STEM in Africa have played in the pandemic – innovations, new industries, contributions to research etc. – and how we can amplify these stories; - Home-grown solutions with women at the forefront, and their experiences; - Further support that is needed and can be offered in different partnerships; - A communication strategy to facilitate knowledge and experience exchange among African Women in STEM during and post-COVID-19.

Webinar: Policies to address COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s informal sector

On 6th August 2020 the IGC convened a panel event to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on informal workers and the policy measures necessary to enhance social protection coverage and support mechanisms to protect informal workers if they lose their livelihoods. Panellists included: Babatunde Fashola Hakeem Bishi Danielle Resnick Niccoló Meriggi Twivwe Siwale

Opportunity Rwanda - (1of2)

The Rwandan and Italian business to business exchange for the countries sustainable development The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in close collaboration with the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) and in partnership with the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) organized this webinar on the engagement of the Italian Private sector to enhance green investments and trade in Rwanda.

Africa Tech Summit Connects - Nigeria’s tech opportunity in a crisis

Africa Tech Summit Connects is an online series of webinars and digital content sharing insights from across the African tech ecosystem. Nigeria’s tech opportunity in a crisis webinar shared insights from Kola Aina - Partner at Ventures Platform Hub and Vivian Nwakah CEO & Founder of Medsaf.

Youth & Closing the Innovation Gap | Africa & COVID-19 Webinar Series | December 9, 2020

The panel explored the innovative technology coming out of Africa during the pandemic, ways in which business agility has contributed to rethinking global supply chains, and the role of youth in the pandemic response. Speakers: - Clare Akamanzi, CEO, Rwanda Development Board & CAS Leadership Council - Seyram Avle, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of Massachusetts - Amherst - Okendo Lewis Gayle, Founder & Chairman, Harambeans - Moderated by Professor Demba Ba, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering, Harvard University More information: https://africa.harvard.edu/event/africa-and-covid-19-webinar-series-youth-closing-innovation-gap

NSE Retail Investors’ Webinar

The Exchange will be hosting its inaugural Retail Investors’ Webinar titled “Capital Market Investing in a Digital Age”, in collaboration with the Nigerian International Securities Limited. This event is supported by The Association of Securities Dealing Houses of Nigeria and The Chartered Institute of Stockbroker.

South Africa Webinar on 4IR, Disruptive Technologies, FDI Prospects

4IR: FDI Prospects and the Impact of Disruptive Technologies in Africa and Worldwide - Webinar. 00:00 Introduction 02:11 Welcome 04:03 About the 4IR presentation 05:47 Disruptive technologies 09:15 The 4th Industrial Revolution 11:42 3D printing 13:08 Regenerative medicine 13:53 Telemedicine 15:16 The Internet of Things 17:04 Blockchain 17:31 Bitcoin cryptocurrency 18:11 Blockchain and Global Value Chains 20:55 Government plans for digital economic transformation 21:38 4IR applications - Africa 27:17 4IR and economic development policies 30:37 4IR key government recommendations 37:39 4IR and disruptive technologies in the aviation sector - Aerosud case study 44:28 Government and industry integrated solutions adopting 4IR 50:23 Boeing model - physical and digital business twins 53:56 Aerosud's implementation of 4IR digital business integration 55:43 Results and challenges in 4IR systems integration 58:36 People and skills challenges in 4IR adoption 59:34 Environmental challenges in 4IR adoption 1:01:09 Best practices adoption of 4IR 1:06:28 Q & A Session 1:06:34 4IR application in civil society - Mexico 1:08:22 How Covid has affected Aerosud aviation business 1:09:55 4IR and Africa

Customer Acquisition in the Digital Era: An Africa's Business Heroes Webinar

Due to lockdowns and social distancing across many African markets, many businesses are having to learn how to engage their customers online. If your business or service is online, then they are able to access it, make transactions, orders or provide feedback. This new experience may become the norm even when the COVID-19 pandemic passes, as customers may form short term and some long term habits of engaging with brands online. It is time to review your online strategy with respect to your business model, and explore new ways of meeting customer needs online even after the pandemic. Join this session to learn more about how you can sharpen your online engagement model, extend your resilience, and do the great things we expect from a 2020 ANPI African Business Hero.

The #ENDSARS Movement and The African Diaspora | Demand Africa

We have gathered a panel of Nigerian creatives, entrepreneurs, tech experts, film directors and fashion designers from across the diaspora to discuss the #EndSARS movement and the role of Nigerians, Africans and people of African descent around the world. Hosted by: Claudine Moore, MD/Founder C. Moore Media PR and Ngozi Odita, Founder, AfricaNXT |SMW LAGOS Panelists: Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO, Big Cabal Media, Tony Sebastian Ukpo, Writer & Film Director, Michelle Bello, Film Director and Busayo Olupona, Founder of Busayo NYC. ----------- Demand Africa offers 24-7 access to the largest curated collection of Pan-African TV shows, series, soaps, movies, and lifestyle entertainment direct from the continent. Demand Africa goes to Nollywood and beyond to offer a deeper connection to the continent. Explore the culture, people, places, and traditions of Africa and stream with IMPACT. Now with over 1,000 hours, new content added monthly. 60% of your monthly subscription goes to the featured creators and distributors on Demand Africa.

Building up a fintech ecosystem in Africa lessons from the Singapore success story

Co-hosted by Casablanca Finance City and Entreprise Singapore moderated by Manal Bernoussi (CFC) and Sugumaran (ES) - Welcome speech by Mr. Saïd Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City Authority - Welcome speech by Mr. G. Jayakrishnan, Global Markets Executive Director, Middle East & Africa, Enterprise Singapore - Opening Address by H.E Mr Mohamed Horani, CEO of HPS & Honorary Consul General of Singapore in Morocco - Keynote FinTech Ecosystem in Singapore , by Ms. Jael Tan, Fintech & Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore - Panel Discussion moderated by Mr. Sugumaran Devaraja, Regional Director Dubai Office, Enterprise Singapore *The Singapore Fintech landscape, key feature, success stories *Best practices: Regulation, Talent, Tech, Financing *How is Singapore supporting the FinTech ecosystem in times of Covid 19? *How can the Singapore case inspire Africa’s emerging FinTech ecosystem? Panel participants: - Liang Yansui, CTO, ADERA Capital - Saida Chakri,President of the Morocco Chamber of Commerce in Singapore - Nicholas Wee,Senior VP & Chief Architect, CrimsonLogic - Umang Moondra,Managing Director APAC, Fidor Solut

Africa Fashion Week Online: Fashion Futures Webinar Series: Empowering Creatives

Governmental, quasi-governmental, and art and culture organisations discuss ways in which they empower creatives and accessibility to resources including mentorship, fellowship, apprenticeship and internship. Jeanette Bain-Burnett is Head of Community Engagement at the Mayor's Office Genevieve Pace is the British Council's Architecture, Design and Fashion Programme Manager Rachel Victor-Sampson is the Founder of Victorious Arts Debo Amon is Literature Programmer at Southbank Centre, Europe’s largest arts centre.

1-54 Webinar: Reinventing African Art Museums for Changing Times

1-54 invited Sonia Lawson, Founding Director, Palais de Lomé (Lomé, Togo); Koyo Kouoh, Executive Director and Chief Curator, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Cape Town, South Africa) and Dr. Karen E. Melbourne, Senior Curator, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC, USA). They were in discussion with Claude Grunitzky, Founder of TRUE Africa.

Now Generation Network webinar | COVID-19 in Africa

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation recently set out to gather the views of young people in Africa and its now generation of leaders – who are part of our Now Generation Network (NGN) – on the impact of the #COVID19 crisis and prospects post-pandemic. Watch as representatives from the NGN join an online discussion with our Founder and Chair, Mo Ibrahim, and MIF Board members Graça Machel, Jay Naidoo and Jendayi Frazer. Session 1: COVID-19 challenges Session 2: COVID-19 responses Session 3: COVID-19 future prospects Look out for the full results from our #NowGeneration Survey, to be released later in July. Participants Carl Manlan, COO (Ecobank Foundation), 2014 Ibrahim Fellow, ECA Mandipa Ndlovu, Research Analyst (University of Cape Town), 2017 Ibrahim Scholar, SOAS Nasi Rwigema, 2018 Ibrahim Scholar, London Business School Natasha Kimani, Head of Programmes (Shujaaz Inc), 2017 Ibrahim Academy Fellow, Chatham House Hanan Taifour, 2020 Ibrahim Fellow, ITC Graça Machel, former Education Minister of Mozambique and MIF Board member Jay Naidoo, Chairperson of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Jendayi Frazer, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Aff

[Webinar ] Post-Covid logistics🚚🛫⛴ in Africa: Taking up challenges, seizing opportunities

However, with global trade set to decline in 2020 and companies’ investments expected to dry up on one hand and potential privatisation processes expected to increase, uncertainties remain high and challenges, like opportunities, are rising. What form the sector’s consolidation will take in a post-Covid world? What impact will the deterioration of states’ public accounts have on logistics projects and the shape of public-private partnerships? Relive the webinar with David Elbez, Beuque Sébastien, Sanjeev Gadhia, Bola Bamidele, Amaury de Féligonde and Eleni Giokos.

IF50 Webinar: Reaching the Last Mile in Sub Saharan Africa Through Inclusive Fintech

Sub-Saharan Africa has witnessed some of the most exciting innovations in digital finance, mainly driven by the uptake of mobile money. As tech-first/native companies, fintechs can offer innovative services that traditional financial institutions cannot; however, their very nature may exclude certain populations that may not have access to technology, the financial capability, or the frequent use of mobile phones/alternative data that can help them build their profile. In this session, Tamara Cook of FSD Kenya moderates a discussion on the potential – and limitations – of fintech to reach the last mile across the continent. Speakers: Buhle Goslar Jose Morell-Ducos, Portfolio Manager: Financial Inclusion, Comic Relief Nick Quintong, CEO, PayGo Energy Ralph Pecker, CEO, Paycode Tamara Cook, CEO, FSD Kenya

Invest in Africa Webinar- Create a Company & Invest in Small and Large Projects with Project Finance

In this video, we held a webinar on Saturday, August 08, 2020 discussing the Real Steps to Invest in Africa. We discussed: -Industries to Invest in, -Special Purpose Vehicles, -Raising Money for Investment, -Small and Medium Entreprises, -Large Infrastructure Project Finance, -and more We had African chief Nana Kwa David Whitaker, Esq. and Geremy Johnson, Esq. explain the steps. Africa is a growing economy with over a billion people and the passage of the African Free Trade Act will only improve the continent. Like, share, comment, and subscribe to Global Law Media for more legal education. Visit www.GlobalLaw.tv/university for legal educational courses. Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/globallaw Purchase some merch at www.globalLaw.tv/store. Videos are for educational purposes only and not for legal advice. #investinafrica #africa #invest #agriculture #investment #tourism #africalaw #afcta #africafreetrade #africainvest #globallawmedia

AgroMinds Webinar: Positioning Your Agribusiness/Agro-Startup to Secure Financing by Francis Osei

First Webinar of AgroMinds Africa Challenge 2020. An enlightening presentation on how your agribusiness/agro-startup can structure or restructure its business model to attract or secure credit financing.

Reinventing Food Safety & Compliance in Africa post Covid-19 Webinar

The AFMASS Food Safety & Compliance Webinar brought together key stakeholders from Africa's food industry supply chain – food manufacturing, retail and hospitality; Government agencies and others – to set the tone for the future of food safety and compliance in Africa during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This Webinar provided new perspectives and solutions to key stakeholders in Africa to the challenges that the food industry was facing during the pandemic – and how they could take advantage of the opportunities out of the crisis to improve food safety, compliance and personnel safety in the food manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries in Africa. More information about the Webinar: https://www.afmass.com/food-safety-webinar/

Webinar: African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) & Financial Markets Integration in West Africa

Making Finance Work for Africa and Capital Markets Development Trust Fund organized in July 2020 a webinar on CFTA implementation and Capital/Financial Markets integration in West Africa. In the scope of this webinar, speakers adressed the establishment of a single and liberalized Capital/Financial Market through successive rounds of negotiations in sub-sectors such as: i) Financial Markets operational services; ii) Financial Markets regulatory services; iii) Financial Markets soft infrastructure... Read more: https://www.mfw4a.org/events/webinar-cfta-implementation-and-capitalfinancial-markets-integration-west-africa

Nigeria and Africa Railways Webinar

Board member of the Belt and Road Institute Institute in Sweden, Hussein Askary, participated in a webinar organized by the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nigeria) on the development of Nigerian Railways in cooperation with China and other nations. Askary's speech focused on the integration of the transport infrastructure of the African continent in the context of the expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative. The webinar was held on February 4th, 2021. Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI): https://accinigeria.com/​ Belt and Road Institute in Sweden: https://www.brixsweden.org/?lang=en​ info@brixsweden.org

The Power of Community in Building a Brand

Check out this immersive discussion on how global community leaders at Google & Salesforce are shaping their communities and helping the giants establish a great presence in the online world. In an hour-long discussion, Alexandra & Amanda will discuss the pillars of successful community management as well as how it impacts your brand in the long run. Topics that are covered: - Ideas about your next community initiative - Understand the expertise and skillsets required for successful community development - Strategies to use community marketing to generate revenue as well as create evangelists for your brand About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With the accelerated shift to all things digital, we aim to seed conversations with Thought Leaders, Industry professionals, and Tech Geniuses to share actionable insights, upcoming trends, and the application of emerging technologies. Visit https://www.airmeet.com/hub/events/ for similar events like this #dialoguesbytheremot

NSE London Webinar -LNB-2102 by Dr Frederic Oladeinde, The Strategic Transport Masterplan for Lagos.

Dr Fredric Oladeinde, Honourable Commissioner for Transport, Lagos State Government. His presentation today is entitled: The Strategic Transport Master Plan for Lagos State: Exploring Transportation Beyond Roads Dr. Frederic Oladeinde has worked in the transport industry for over 20 years and until his appointment as commissioner for Transportation in 2019, he was the Director, Corporate and Investment Planning in Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) from Sept 2016 to August 2019. As director, he led the planning strategy on the future transport needs of Lagos state, coordinating the implementation of transport scheme initiatives and securing investment for the provision of transport infrastructure. He began his career as a Senior Transport Consultant in a transaction advisory role at Oscar Faber Consulting in London, United Kingdom and in year 2000 joined the Department for Transport, UK as a Senior Transport Planning Adviser, where he was responsible for advising the British Minister of Transport of the impact of various transport schemes and policy options. Dr Oladeinde joined LAMATA in 2008 through Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF), A Departmen

[Webinar 💻 💡]: Accelerating Africa’s digital transformation 📱🔍

With the ongoing #Covid19 crisis and its multiple impacts on how business is conducted, accelerating this process and building the required ecosystems has never been more of a priority. Universal and affordable internet coverage alone could increase Africa’s GDP growth by two percentage points annually. How to build an African ecosystem requiring digital services, training and education infrastructures? Relive the webinar with our speakers: Edwin Diender, Cina Lawson, Serigne BARRO, Karim Koundi, Lillian Kidane and Myriam Said.

Remote Opportunities for Women, by Women – Fireside chat with PowerToFly!

Get tips from Lauren Hagerty, Director Marketing and Community at PowerToFly on curating, and running stellar communities remotely. In this event we covered: - Basics of community building in a remote setup - How to engage & retain community members in a long term. - Defining community success metrics in a remote setup About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With the accelerated shift to all things digital, we aim to seed conversations with Thought Leaders, Industry professionals, and Tech Geniuses to share actionable insights, upcoming trends, and the application of emerging technologies. Visit https://www.airmeet.com/hub/events/ for similar events like this #dialoguesbytheremotevalley #technologytalks

Remote Work Revolution – Creation of a Global Middle Class

Get proven hacks on building successful remote companies across the globe with Liam Martin, Co-founder, Staff.com & Time Doctor, Laurel Farrer, CEO & Founder, Distribute Consulting and Nacho Rodríguez, Founder Repeople & NomadCity Gran Canaria. About The Remote Valley: The Remote Valley is a series of technology & business conversation held bi-weekly. Dive deep with the mavericks of the tech world from across the globe as ‘The Remote Valley’ brings together a dose of trends and thoughts. With the accelerated shift to all things digital, we aim to seed conversations with Thought Leaders, Industry professionals, and Tech Geniuses to share actionable insights, upcoming trends, and the application of emerging technologies. Visit https://www.airmeet.com/hub/events/ for similar events like this #dialoguesbytheremotevalley #technologytalks